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We all make choices, everyday, that have an impact on the world around us and we believe that we all should do all we can to protect this place we call home. Reducing our use of fossil fuels is one of those choices. 

The oil industry is one of the absolute worst to the health of the planet. Besides the direct atrocities to eco systems, wildlife, and people, such as through oil spills like the Exxon Valdez in 1989, and Gulf oil spill in 2010, burning fossil fuels, such as in automobiles and factories, adds many toxic poisons, such as sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide, and nitrogen oxide to our environment. Nitrogen oxide helps create ground-level ozone, basically known as smog, mainly from cars and industry, which places hundreds of tons of hydrocarbons into the air. Acid rain happens when nitrogen oxides combine with sulfur dioxide and reacts with other chemicals to create acid in the atmosphere. When this acid falls through rain, snow, or fog, it contaminates farmland and bodies of water. Global warming happens when nitrous oxide collects in the atmosphere with other gases, causing a gradual rise in the earth's temperature. This Climate Change can actually change weather patterns, and ocean currents, which could hurt farming and food production actually assisting the spread of certain diseases. Plus, climate change causes more distructive weather, hurricanes, floods, etc.. reeking disaster on cities and the land itself…

Burning fossil fuels pollutes not only the environment but our own bodies and our children's as well. The health problems associated with the oil industry is enormous. It is known to cause cancer, birth defects, heart disease, lung problems etc, etc, etc… Why anyone wouldn't buy the highest mpg vehicle they can, use public transportation, or do all they can to avoid fossil fuel use at all is mind-boggling.

Shouldnt we be willing to support local farmers and businesses over foreign ones, even when it costs more to do so? One reason is the environment benefit. Anything that has to be shipped in uses fossil fuels and therefore pollutes from the day it was extracted from the ground, plus is risking spills and leaks all the way over, to the final destination and well into the future.
Another reason is basically to support our families, friends and neighbors, plain and simple. Supporting the fossil fuel industry also supports other nations economies instead of our own and sets us up for terrorism and war.

Yet just by having a car, any car, one does damage to the planet… That there are plastic parts in cars, (made from fossil fuels)…. the energy to build these cars was huge…. that the highways and roadways we drive on are devastating to the natural world…. Etc…
In a perfect world there would be no pollution or poisons at all. We could walk or bike where we needed to go, or had some other sustainable form of transportation… We would grow our own food locally. Money, vanity and greed wouldn't be the driving force to most people… Population would not be growing…. But unfortunately we are not there.

Apart from a world wide disaster, change is not going to happen overnight. Whether by force or choice, we need to educate the masses. We need to make changes in our everyday lives. We need to show that there are green choices alongside unsustainable choices… and take those options!

As a society, we need to consider what would happen if, all of a sudden, we were cut off from imports. How would we get to work? How would we heat our homes? How would we feed our families?
We need to realize that everything we do, everything we buy has a negative affect on the natural world. How can we change our ways, and live our lives by doing as little harm to the planet and those around us?

We, as a nation, are using more and more fossil fuels, and we need to change our ways. It is literally killing us. Just by improving the fuel economy a little does nothing toward the future. We must get away from fossil fuels and focus on sustainability. We must change our attitudes of the "ME" society and question authority educating ourselves to the best we can.

We can't control everything that goes on but we can make the best choices that have a direct effect on what is around us.

You have a choice on Maui. 

There are cars that run on 100% biodiesel, B100, made from recycled vegetable oil. But realize that biodiesel isn't the one answer to this planets energy crisis. Biodiesel is a part of this world’s solution to its dependency on oil, but it is not the only answer. The world needs to change its ways and drastically cut down its use of energy no matter what its source. Even if someone is driving on pure biodiesel, they should not feel the right to drive as much as they want and use as much biodiesel as they can…
Biodiesel can and should only be made from totally sustainable renewable feedstock, even algae. It can even be made from 100% reused, recycled oil from restaurants and oil that is not suitable for food, which is what is currently being used at the fueling stations Bio-beetle uses. But, biodiesel can also be made by stripping lands, ruining the environment, GMOs, and depleting food supplies, which is being done over seas so Just like any commodity, one must keep aware of where biodiesel comes from and how it is made, and we must do our best to see that it remains the best fuel option we have today, without exploiting the land and people around it. Even if all fuel used in America today were biodiesel, and was made from renewable earth/future friendly sources, we would not have enough to support our current demand, so we each must still be conscious in our actions. We still need to cut down on our driving, walk, ride a bike, car pool when possible, and choose cars that get the greatest fuel economy.

There are gas hybrids available. Toyotas Prius gets 45-50 mpg! One of the most fuel efficient car available! If everyone turned in their gas guzzler and drove one of these cars, it would have a huge impact on the planet and fuel reserves.

And there are electric, plug in cars! Which have zero emmissions! They use no motor oil, and no transmission fluid!

With plug in cars, one has to understand that the emissions are basically somewhere else... Wherever the source of the electricity is, and can be from sources like coal, oil, and even nuclear! With that said, these cars are given a MPGE rating, miles per gallon equivalent. Basically an average mpg usage looking at how much fuel is used to make the electricity needed to charge the batteries. The Leaf, for example, was given a 99 mpge.

Right now, on Maui, almost 20% of the electricity is wind powered! Which is great! The rest of the electricity, from MECO, is fossil fuel, not great. Although, the electric company is adding even more wind turbins, and includes solar grid ties, and has a goal of being completely self reliable within a number of years...

Besides cars, we also need to look at other ways our habits are exploiting the land for fuel use.

We need to switch from a meat based diet to a grain based diet. We can feed a lot more people and have more plants for fuel oil with grains, plus we make ourselves healthier and the planet healthier! Besides ending unneccesary cruelty to these animals

We need to change our consumer attitudes of getting anything and everything we want… We need to be active in government and demand changes that are best for the planet and those who live here…

Everything we do, everything we buy has an effect on our environment. We as individuals make choices everyday of doing what is best for the planet, our selves, and the future. Bio-beetle promises to do our best in making choices that are best for all and make sure the biodiesel we use is from sustainable earth friendly sources.

We all must take responsibility for our actions.

Look at everything you do. Is there a better, greener, non violent alternative?

On Maui you have a choice in what rental car you choose... 

Choose wisely, the future is at stake...

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