ECO Friendly Cars to rent on Maui


Hybrids are gas cars that are powered by a conventional engine, an electric motor and a hybrid battery. You do not plug them in, but they charge themselves with the breaking system.
These Hybrids turn off their gas engines, on their own and switch to battery power so you don't have to even think about it
2021 Prius rental car on maui

2021 Toyota Prius

Always one of the most fuel efficient vehicles! It seats 5 people and gets 60 mpg.

2021 Kia Niro LX rental car on maui

2021 Kia Niro LX Crossover Suv.

Higher off the ground yet not as large as a typical SUV. It seats 5 and gets 50 mpg.

2021 Rav4 Hybrid SUV rental car on maui

2021 Toyota Rav4 Hybrid

Premium SUV rental car. The most fuel efficient SUV! It seats 5 people and gets 40 mpg.

2020 Hyandai Ionic rental car on maui

2020 Hyandai IONIQ Hybrid with Sunroof!

The most fuel-efficient car in America 2021! It seats 5 people and gets 60 mpg.

2017 blue prius rental car on maui

2019 Toyota Camry Hybrid

The Camry is a larger, premium car. It seats 5 people and gets 49mpg.

2017 blue prius rental car on maui

2016-2017 Prius on Maui

The Prius is always one of the most fuel efficient vehicles ever. It gets over 60 mpg. Its a little smaller than the Camry but still seats 5 people. 2014 Prius C rental car on maui

2014 Prius C

Prius C is a fun, although small car which gets 50mpg. It seats 4 people, but not a lot of legroom, and has a small trunk space. Great for finding parking spots though.

2010 Prius rental car on maui

2010 Prius

Third generation 2010 Prius 50+ mpg. Seats 5 people

Hybrid cars are a lot more fuel efficient and emit less CO2 than conventional cars, yet use regular gas.

100% Electric Cars

EVs are cars you plug in. They do not need any fuel or motor oil. The cars come with a cord so you can plug into a standard 110 outlet. Or, There are several charge stations around Maui, including 6 fast chargers. These cars can go everywhere a standard gas car can go, but has no emissions!
Chevy Bolt EV rental vehicle on Maui

2021 Chevy Bolt

The Bolt gets around 250 miles on a full charge.
grey leaf rental vehicle on Maui

2018 Nissan Leaf

The Leaf gets around 150 miles on a full charge. See if the place you are staying has a standard outlet you can plug into!
EV charge station on Maui
For more info on renting an electric car on Maui click here
charging an electric vehicle on maui

Current Fast Chargers on Maui include:

  • Queen Kaahumanu Center in Central Maui
  • Piilani Village Shopping Center in South Maui
  • Lahaina Aquatic Center in West Maui
  • Pukalani Terrace Center in Upcountry Maui
  • Haiku market near Colleens
  • Maui Electric Company office very close to Queen Kaahumanu Center

There are many other charging locations too, on Maui. Most are level 2, which are slower than level 3 fast chargers, but often are free, such as at whole foods, or costco, or even Whalers village. Plus there are several resorts that offer charging to those who stay.

Check plugshare for the the most up to date information for charging electric cars on Maui..

ECO Rental Car

Biodiesel Cars

Biodiesel Cars are regular cars powered by a sustainable locally made fuel.

2006 Volkswagon Jetta powered by biodiesel

4 door sedan with a large trunk. AC does not work.


2006 Volkswagon Beetle powered by biodiesel

Fun car. AC works! Small. Best for 2 people, unless small kids.

These cars get over 40 mpg, and over 300 miles on a tank!
There are two fuel stations on Maui that carry 100% biodiesel. One in Lahaina, and one near the OGG airport, and our office. Although there is rarely a worry to run out of fuel, one can put in a little regular diesel in an emergency.
Our biodiesel cars are older cars, considered Maui Cruisers. They will have a few more scratches and bruises than the newer cars, so if you need fancy, these cars aren't for you!

You can feel great about driving a car that uses a cleaner sustainable fuel made in Hawaii! Look for the sun flowers on Maui. These are being grown for biodiesel!

For more info on Biodiesel cars click here