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Maui ECO Rental Car

You're not just renting a car!

Maui EVs, Hybrids, Gas and Electric car rentals.

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Maui Car Rentals that make a difference!

Rental Cars Near the Maui OGG Kahului Airport and walking distance from Kahului Cruise Ship Harbor

Free coolers, beach toys, etc... plus free overnight parking for cruise ship renters.

Rent a car on Maui from a company that cares!

We ONLY rent the greenest cars available, since 2003!

Everything about us, and our business, is as ECO friendly and reputable as possible.

Friendly personal service from locals. No toxic chemicals. No green washing! We are the original Maui Bio-Beetle ECO Rental Car. Winners of Green Americas people and planet award 2013! An Ethical car rental business that gives net proceeds to charity! We live what we sell! You should always know what your money supports!

What rental cars are available on Maui?

We rent Hybrids, and electric vehicles.

You can rent a sporty Hyndai Ioniq! Crossover SUV Kia Niro, or Rav4 SUV! or a new 2023 gas Prius, or 22 Chevy Bolt EV! Also available are 2018 Tesla Model 3 extended range! 100% Electric rental car. 2022 and older Priuses, the Prius C, and 2018 100% electric Nissan Leaf! We rent new cars and older cars. Premium cars and budget friendly! Rentals can be reserved for any time, day or late night. All are as ECO friendly as can be. Some can Plug in EVs where they are staying, or use the 5 fast chargers around Maui, or several level 2 chargers.

Hybrids are regular gas cars, you do not plug them in, and they take regular gas but get great fuel economy!

Great rental car value too

Besides renting a green car, on Maui, and supporting the greater good, you can actually SAVE a lot of $$ in fuel costs and extras!

Electric cars don't use any fuel, and Priuses get over 50 mpg! We also offer Convenient pickup and dropoffs at the Kahului OGG airport and other locations, and are within walking distance of the Kahului cruise ship harbor! Plus offer Free loans of coolers, sand toys, boogie boards... No extra car hire fees for being 21-25, or older than 70!

Do something better for you and the planet!

Rent an ECO friendly car!

What you do today has an effect on tomorrow!

What kind of car you rent on Maui does matter! Rent the greenest car you can to help prevent climate change, reduce pollution, protect the health of your family today and the future. (While actually SAVING MONEY on fuel)

If you can do something better for the planet and those on it, shouldn't you?

Supporting a small local green business matters!

Questions about renting a car on Maui?

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